I’ve made the difficult decision to put Londoners on hiatus. This is for multiple reasons, which I go into detail in the post above. To sum up, I’m in the middle of a big cross-country move, and I’m not happy with the format I chose for the comic. I’m finding it a chore to work on and it’s not turning out how I’d like. So I am putting the comic on hiatus while I move, and then rework the comic into a better format after I’ve settled into my new home.

This does not mean the comic is going away. I’ve been yearning to tell this story for years. I’m sorry that I’m having to put it on hold so soon after starting, but I feel it’s really necessary at this point, if I want to make the comic stronger than it currently is.

I think this is for the best, as hard a choice as this is. I hope that when the comic relaunches, you’ll like the new format and feel it was worth the wait!